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Guest Blogging, benefits and guidelines

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What is Guest blogging?

Guest blogging or guest posting  is writing a post on someone else’s blog and it’s still considered one of the best practices to bring many benefits to your business.

Now let’s see exactly what are the advantages of writing a guest post and its guidelines.

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Guest blogging Benefits

Seo: Guest blogging has powerfull benefits for your SEO. Most sites and our blog too,  allow you to submit a link to your website (backlink). This help your ranking and authority but only if the linking site is not a spammy site. Many sites with great authority require payments to post an article. This is  off site SEO linkbuilding.

Expert:  Guest blogging helps to recognize your skills in a special market or industry, writing high quality contents many people want more of you.

New audience: posting on other sites can connect you to the new audience you do not have access to before.

Traffic: new web surfers can visit your website and get in touch with your new contents, if you want to increase your traffic, the guest blog is a great way to do it.

Build relationships : working with other blog owners and editors can develop a working relationship and other opportunities as well

Business: more visits to your website can help you in sales of your products and services.

Social media : when people or we share your guest post, you will have visits to your business FB page/profile as well as to your site.

Guidelines guest posting


Guest  blogging Guidelines

Read the Guest Posting Rules: make sure you read everything on guest posting page rules and  you will be closer to the publication of your post.

Relationships with blog owners: before you start posting, you could to introduce yourself to the owner and/or  follow them on social media, share their content on social, read their content and leave  comments.

Create a list of topics: analyze the site, look at the trends, and find topics where you feel you can write well;

Write your post: 

  • Write as if it were your blog;
  • Look for SEO keywords;
  • Write an intriguing title;
  • Remember that quality is important for you and your business and for us too. Don’t write just for links;
  • Create your beautifull SEO content that is valuable to the reader, minimum 500/600 words;
  • Insert lightweight image(s) copyright free;
  • Be ethically correct;
  • Post should be original, not copied;
  • Don’t forget internal link (if the topics allow it)  and  finally your link(s), make sure of the natural inclusion of whatever you are linking back to.

Share: it’s important share your post everywhere with a nice introduction;

Follow your post: the web is full of articles with ghost authors who do not respond to comments. Even if the article is good, not responding will make you lose some authority in the eyes of the readers.

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