You are currently viewing Appypie, one of the best ever no code app builder

Appypie, one of the best ever no code app builder

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Appypie was founded in 2015 with a prime mission to make technology inclusion attainable to every individual and business. The US-based limited company has experienced significant growth to date, with multiple locations across fifteen countries.
The company’s purpose is to allow individuals to develop applications without coding. You heard that right, without coding!
Appy Pie predominantly believes that high-level applications, be it on Android or iPhone, can be developed without programming. You might be concerned about this. Right? Let us discuss this in detail.

To create an application, you need to follow three simple steps – Enter your business name, add features, and publish at last. Following this, a lot of time is retained, which can be utilized for other productive work. Besides this, the labor cost would be reserved for funding other things. On the website, you will visualize different sections available, I.e., the restaurant app builder, dating app, and last but not least, the business app. Thus, you can proceed according to your needs.
Another aspect of holding notice is the app-development course offered to three distinct groups; the students, working professionals, and educational institutions. Appy Pie is undoubtedly the way to go for those possessing limited knowledge of programming. Following this, you would capture sound knowledge about app development and thrive in this digital era.
In addition to this, the affiliate program onboard makes it feasible for students to earn handsome rewards and make their journey of education trouble-less. Isn’t this amazing? Well, I was also shocked until I researched the website.

Each of you might be curious to learn about the price at which app development is accessible. Appy Pie has three pricing plans: basic, gold, and platinum. The cost lies at 16 USD/application monthly, 36 USD/application monthly, and 60 USD/application monthly, respectively. The premium feature is for IOS-compatible applications. However, the three of them are free advertisements, avoiding the users feeling uncomfortable. For more information, you should head over to the website.

Now that we discussed code-free app development, it is essential to be educated about the features you can add to the application. You might be astonished to know that over two-hundred parts you can add. About us, QR code, social media links, push notifications, share button, e-wallet inclusion, and google maps addition are just a few to name. This seems startling!

Appypie has tutorials uploaded on their website, which significantly helps the consumers in any issue.

Security concerns:
As far as the security of your data is concerned, the Appy Pie is certified by ISO 22301:2012and ISO 22301:2013. The ISO 22301 is a certification that ensures help to the website in case of any unforeseeable uncertainty. Thus, your data is secured and not disclosed to anyone.

If you’re skeptical that the website is legal, Appy Pie has collaborations with some globally renowned media partners, including Forbes, Digital Journal, and INC.

Thinking about building an app yourself may seem impossible but AppyPie will amaze you with its ease and the results it will bring you.

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